Home Exercise Products That You Should Own

Home Exercise Products That You Should Own

Let’s face it, gyms are great for a variety of reasons, for instance its only the gym where you can socialize and get moral support from other people who are also working out. In addition to that you can easily access top-notch exercising equipment only at the gym. But just because you are one of those people who have a membership at the gym does not mean that you cannot have a few items in your house for doing other types of activities in days when you just don’t feel like going to the gym.

That said here are two pieces which to me are a must have for any person who loves working out. In addition to them being extremely helpful, these equipments do not cost that much and they don’t end up taking up lots of space in your house, you can easily set them up either in your bedroom or even the citing area and you are good to go.

Chip-Up Bar

When it debuted many people were laughing at how the marketing strategy of this product was executed. In fact, many looked at the claims which were being made while marketing as a joke. That said this machine is really good. The best thing about this machine is that it helps you to easily and temporarily turn your own doorway into a chin-up bar for a very low cost.


Developed by the Navy Seal to say mission ready on the road, the TRX is highly effective and portable. I have one of these equipments in my basement and trust it is legit. It also unclips and thus it does not hang all the time. 


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