Fasted vs. Fed Cardio – Which to Choose?

Fasted vs. Fed Cardio – Which to Choose?

When in search of the most efficient workout, people often try completely different approaches. The best example for this is the opposition between fasted and fed cardio. This likely sounds like a cliché, but which approach you’ll choose depends on your individual circumstances.

Food is our main energy source, but “smart” exercising requires efficient usage of this source.

Both fasted and fed cardio can help you achieve your desired results, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Some of the pros and cons of these two routines are below; based on this information, you can decide which method is best for you!

Fasted cardio is relatively new in the fitness community, but it is rapidly gaining popularity.

This is due to the fact that exercising on an empty stomach will literally drain the energy you need out of the storage deposits in your body. If you skip breakfast, your body won’t waste additional energy on digestion; it will use the energy that’s accumulated from sugars and fats and make your workout more efficient. Whatever power you save from nutrient absorption, you can spend in muscle building.

The biggest and undisputable disadvantage of fasted cardio is that it’s not suitable for everyone. Depending on your eating habits, if you expose your body to sudden hunger (eliminating breakfast, for example) you risk not only feeling sick, but also becoming injured; insufficient energy will make most exercises harder than usual.

On the other hand, fed exercise is the opposite of fasted cardio.

As mentioned above, energy used for digesting foods may appear to be the first and only disadvantage of this second approach. Bear in mind that we’re discussing a regular breakfast, not gulping dozens of eggs at 6 a.m.

Despite the energy that’s being used to absorb nutrients, a cardio workout with average intensity will manage to consume from your body’s sugar and fat deposits, and the fresh power flux. Having breakfast, followed by at least a one-hour break, will ensure that you’ll have enough strength to get through your workout and that you won’t faint at the gym.

These two approaches can be harmful if applied at extreme levels. Respecting your individual routine and the way you feel during your workout will help you make the right decision. Don’t forget that “quick weight loss” is the worst-case scenario for your body; eating and exercising smart must be your top priorities to be in good shape and good health.


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