4 Key Supplements to Bolster Your Diet

4 Key Supplements to Bolster Your Diet

Having some well chosen supplements for important, and oft neglected nutrients in your diet could really cover for hard-to-find food sources and round up your daily menu nicely. Try to incorporate these four important nutritional supplements in your food, and you'll see the difference it makes to your health.

Vitamin E
Found primarily in wheat germ, nuts and seeds, this is an excellent antioxidant that's crucial for your body to function normally. Also, it helps keep heart ailments, stroke and cancer at bay. You'd do well to see that you get your daily requirement. 

If you're unaware, your gut is usually teeming with bacteria, but it's no cause for alarm. Certain bacteria, and yeast cells perform key roles in your normal digestion, and your body does need to maintain a healthy culture of these microorganisms to function properly. Apart from stimulating digestion, these helpful bacteria also bolster immunity and help control cholesterol.

This mineral can be found in your daily drink of water as well as whole grain meals. It's a highly effective antioxidant and also helps in preventing cancerous growth in your body.

A type of fat, this is an essential nutrient to maintain cell structure in your body. It is also known to help combat mental health issues such as memory disorder, Alzheimer's and depression. 

Do note that taking supplements in excess could be counterproductive, and even toxic in certain cases. Always follow expert recommendations when supplementing your diet. These four key nutrients, however, in the right doses, could improve your diet quite significantly.

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