Adding seeds and nuts to your diet increases colon health

Adding seeds and nuts to your diet increases colon health

When we talk about what the opposite of colon health is we have to mention diverticulitis. This is a condition where pouches that form in the intestine (diverticulitis) inflame causing severe pain. 

Studies have suggested that adding seed and nuts to your diet helps increase colon health and drastically reduces the chances of getting diverticulosis. The keyword here is probably fiber.  

Fiber has enormous benefits to your health.  For example, food with a high content of fiber is digested more slowly by your digestives system and provides a sensation of fullness without a lot of food. Soluble and insoluble fiber is both indigestible meaning that they cannot be turned into calories by your body. 

Seeds happen to contain soluble and insoluble fiber. Take chia seeds for instance.  These seeds contain a lot of fiber and you can tell from the bead of gel that forms around them when they are exposed to water.  

Seeds like chia allow a better digestion. But how?  Water trapped by the seeds is slowly delivered to the colon. This keeps the colon hydrated, allowing for a much easier passage of food.  In other words, you get a healthy colon that is processing food appropriately.

It is interesting to note that, in the past, patients with diverticulosis were actually advised against consuming nuts and seeds. These claims never really had any scientific backup. Health professionals carried an 18-year long follow-up on 47,288 men to observe the relationship between their consumption of nuts and their risk of colon disease

The results of the study led scientists to discover there was an inverse proportion between nut consumption and the risk of developing diverticulitis. There was no evidence that nut consumption can trigger a worsening of the condition. 

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