Starvation - Breaking the Myth

Starvation - Breaking the Myth

The starvation diet is a common yet classic approach to losing weight. Just as the name suggests, this diet is all about depriving oneself of food with an aim of weight loss. It might seem to be extreme. Dietitians and medical practitioners have actually deemed it to be deadly but effective if properly implemented. However the question still remains, does starvation diet actually work or is it one of the many medical myths making rounds?

What is encouraging about this kind of diet is that it requires close to zero supplements in its implementation. This makes it cheaper as compared to other weight loss alternative diets. By totally shutting down the body’s intake of calories or food, one exposes the body to an abrupt loss of weight. This makes it one of the quickest means of losing way. Fluid weight will be the first to be eliminated.

What most people do not realize is that the starvation diet works temporarily. What happens is that the body conserves fats once starvation begins. Without the required calories in the body, the conserved fat gradually turns stale forcing the body to lose a lot of fluid. The fat turns stale simply because individuals going through a starvation diet rarely follow it up with exercise to burn up the fats. Actually, such individuals would not have enough energy to perform exercise routines on a daily basis. This would simply strain the body.

As a result of all these, once one gets back to normal eating routines, the body bulges back to its previous chubby state. Starvation simply disrupts metabolism which makes it impossible to retain a perfect figure. Other negative effects brought about by the starvation diet include digestive issues, inability to focus, fatigue, restlessness, nausea, mood swings and lack of ample energy.


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